Using a bible verse? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Ok, this is not in line with my usual posts, but it’s Christmas time and I’m overtired, exhausted and a little annoyed with everybody. I’m not perfect and it’s quite healing for me to vent in my writing. Maybe Ill delete it? So enjoy while you got it.
             I may lose some followers, I hope not, I don’t mean disrespect, but I won’t be silent when my Savior and His word are disrespected. I am usually silent when it comes to politics…it’s a touchy subject and everyone thinks they are right. Sure, we all are…right? I listen, I read, I consider and I pray.

             I have some Obama fans around me, one in particular voted for him as a thank you because she said Obama paid for her and her son to have completely new remodeled Kitchens- free. Hmmm and on the other side were the Romney fans who basically, as I heard from many if not all, who voted for Romney to get rid of Obama. Is there really any winning to this anyway? Whoever is president- I believe it is the Lord’s doing. I can respect that….


             Last night I tossed and turned in turmoil as I recalled listening to my president say a bible verse in reference to the recent horrific acts. My mind said, that’s a good thing…. but my spirit was in turmoil over it! How dare he! I almost vomited when I heard it, I couldn’t bear to listen anymore. Why would someone use scripture from a book they don’t believe in???????

        My president used a scripture from the bible and my child is forbidden to say the Word GOD in her school! I am not allowed to share my faith in public and we are completely forbidden to celebrate Christmas or Easter in our schools. Saying Merry Christmas is “offensive”. Graduation seniors are sued, attacked and ridiculed for using scripture in their graduating classes or forbidden to pray, yet he can slide by with a scripture…and it’s okay. What is up!

How dare he use scripture and

1- announce to the world that we are no longer a nation of Christians
2-applaud and agree to the horrific act of abortion- I was in heaven and I saw those babies! They are not globs of flesh- in the first weeks of forming the Lord God puts their spirit with in them. This is the sin of the shedding of innocent blood upon our is an abomination and a curse.
3- poke fun and laugh at the Words of Jesus we know as the beatitudes :
4-continue to take my Jesus and my God out of my schools, my prayers, my country.
5-say Jesus is not the only way(Wow, that video is MIA- gone, but I remember it well)
6-go against every word of God in scripture and rejoice in homosexuality that is abominable it the Lords sight. He knows this will weaken our nation, he knows this will weaken our Christian stance in America.

He continues to belittle and disrespect my God and His Ways. How dare he reject that my Jesus is the Savior and the Only way and then come out and pretend to use God’s word as if…………

As if you care
As if you believe
You may have fooled this nation,
But you don’t fool the Lord God
You have risen yourself so high in your pride
Without a word, it is written on your face

               And then come out proclaiming a bible verse! Give me a break!
I felt like my pearls were just given to a ………. And I really don’t want to disrespect the president, but let’s tell it how it is. He is who this nation selected, He is who the Lord has put over us, but I’m calling it out as it is.  I want my God to be proclaimed upon the mountain tops- I’m sick and tired of this nation mocking Him and His word.

Do you know what his actions say?
Using scripture in his speeches shows that he KNOWS we are Christian Nation
He knows God’s word will appease us because
We are a Christian Nation

And how do you weaken and destroy a Nation under God?
It’s written in the book….
Wickedness, pride, indulgence, idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, laziness and homosexuality
Yep, that sounds like us
Surely, without a doubt, these sins will destroy a nation
They are a curse upon the very ground we stand.
Sigh……..are my words for nothing….
Is there any turning back?
brimstone? Fire? Wrath? I wonder which it shall be….

Wth? What is he? He says one thing, then another! Just be honest. I wish he would just tell the truth and quit trying to make everyone like him – giving everyone their handouts, telling everyone what they want to hear. I pray the Lord will bless our leader, but don’t mess with my Savior and my God – that is just wrong.

  Go ahead! Take the commandments down! “Thou shall not Kill”- yes, how offensive is that! Take it all down! but don’t think anyone can cover all this sin up with a few verses…as if!

May God Unite us all in Jesus
You are called to be a different creation, not of this world
Are you different?
Can you be spotted out among the world as one of His?
The world may hate my beliefs, but I am not of this world.

 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked Galations 6:7

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25 thoughts on “Using a bible verse? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lisa

      Hi M!
      Well I finally broke down and had an online truth day. lol.
      I usually keep that for family and close friends- people who
      have to put up with me no matter what. Thanks for putting up
      with me. You are so sweet 🙂

  1. Ooo, owww!!! You go girl. Take heart in your statement: our God is in control in that He places those in our government there. We are in shaky times, as you said, much of what you read about those who received God’s judgment look like us or we them. We will reap what we sow… but for the believer there is a difference, lack of fear.

    1. Lisa

      Hi Gracie,
      Thank you. Ok, I sat and tried to say Ooo, owww when I read your post. I am so easily entertained. I really had
      fun with that. hey, but back to business here, yes, my heart is at Peace as I know God is in control. He rules
      the nations, amen and amen! I love that verse, it gives me hope. Oh… your post really tied in to what I was thinking and also Galations 6:7- Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man reaps, for sure he sows – yes thats the Lisa version. I know you understand. 🙂 Thanks Grace, I wish you and your family a Blessed and Merry Christmas,
      Love in Christ, Lisa

    1. Lisa

      Much thanks 🙂
      I try- I can be a ranter- I try to save those special moments
      for my husband -lol, and be bible study Lisa here on the blog.
      Thanks for word :0 )
      Peace be with you and Have a Blessed Merry Christmas,

  2. My friend in Christ, Thanks so much for sharing your opinion. However, I respectfully disagree with your premise that Obama does not believe in God or the Holy Bible. Tell me, What evidence do you, or anyone has to support your argument? As far as I can tell, nobody has any evidence in their possession that suggest that this president is anything but a Christian. In 2008, we ridiculed him for spending 20 years under the mentor-ship of black Baptist theologian, Jeremiah Wright, today, we are trying to paint him as something different.
    President Obama is not different from any other politician who claim he or she is a Christian. Not one of them is any more than a paper Christian. They never speak from their hearts. They pay people to tell them how and what to say. Every time they speak without a script they get into trouble.

    It was refreshing to hear the President quote from the Bible. Politicians never do.

    1. Lisa

      Hi Noel!
      Finally, some opposition! Ive been waiting all day for this…. and you were super nice about it. Thank you,
      I can be overly sensitive at times. I seriously hope you are right- in fact- I pray for it- and I will continue to
      pray for it. I really want to believe he is.. Ive seen him say it..errr… mind says YES! he’s a Christian! but something is very unsettled in my spirit about it. hmmm.. your right- that society has seen him two different ways -with Wright
      and now with the pics of Allah rings and so on and so forth- but do we need to go there? I don’t want to, I’m tired. It’s hearsay at this point. I see where our country is- we are on a path straight for destruction. There have been some very ungodly decisions made that really have me questioning things. I really appreciate you sharing your views and I respect that. okay, fine, I’ll give him a point for using scripture- true true- at least he acknowledges it exists whereas many others don’t- and we know God sends out his word and it never comes back void. That is yea and amen. I’m obviously in a better mood than I was this morning when I posted- lol. hey, thanks again, I appreciate it. Have a blessed weekend, Lisa

  3. Lisa

    Hi Anne,
    Merry Christmas! It’s interesting that you mention Hitler, because that is who came to mind today as I considered this- not because He is exterminating us, but because He did those evil acts in Jesus name-proclaiming he was a Christian. I read a book by Sid Roth “They thought for themselves” a great book on the life accounts of Jewish people who had found Jesus. I noticed that many so called “Christians” have given Christianity such a bad name have really influenced the Jewish people. It really saddened me. If we could all REALLY act like Jesus, how wonderful that would be. I really want to be like Him, so many times I fall too. I like how you reminded us that we need to keep others in prayer and to really show love and respect – not only to our elected officials -but also to everyone around us. Good words, good words. Thanks for sharing. God bless you and May the Lord bless you and your family this Christmas. We keep praying. Much love and peace in Christ, Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa, When I heard that the President used a Bible verse I thought to myself that I didn’t know he had a Bible and recalled the time when he didn’t want to take part in the National Day of Prayer. I agree with your post here. God Bless, Lori

    1. Lisa

      Thank you! Yes, the day of prayer! and really, where’s the birth certificate? where are the college records? the move to socialism? and where can we find the real truth of what is going on? Our media covers up and even our snopes we could rely on for rumors is always without hesistation on Obama’s side. I don’t even go there anymore because I’ve seen how they twist truth. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one spinning in circles, confused about this. Actions speak a lot louder than words, and what actions have we seen to back of the words? abortion? gay marriage? day of prayer? laugh at scripture?
      Studying the words of Mohammed and books of Islam (but not too much), I read that lying under any instance is acceptable if it promotes their own Islam religions…really? and they are even, under their god Allah allowed to pretend to serve another God if it will eventually promote Islam- Sharia law. That is something we really need to consider, especially since his father was a radical muslim. This fact has me questioning motives. and Islam…A god of lying and deciet? Doesn’t that just raise a flag of warning to those who are Islamic? Is that the god they really want to serve?

      Islam- info from:
      “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.” Lying is permitted when the end justifies the means
      and “When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible.”

      Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them. Taqiyya – Saying something that isn’t true.Kitman – Lying by omission.
      Thanks Lori, I wrote to much, didn’t ? Went waaaay off track… Sorry, lots on my mind today. Thank for you sharing. Let us not give up hope despite what we see and believe, but trust God in all things, continue to pray for our leaders and our country. May the name of God be honored in this place. Peace my friend, and Merry Christmas,

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