Leading up to Christmas Eve

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Narrow is The Way Ministries

I love history. It’s absolutely amazing to me. Mind you, it was horrible in school. I think – with apologies to my teachers, it was not taught correctly. I would have really enjoyed it more. But it was “history of America” then “history of England” then “history of France”.

That’s the wrong approach. Teach it like it happened.

As regards all the countries in the Mediterranean, it becomes hugely obvious that the hand of God is at work. Kings rise and fall, to establish the plans of the Lord all over the world – but most importantly in Israel. We’ll take a brief look and watch carefully to see the hand of God in history. It’s amazing.

For instance, what happened in 100 BC? Why, the birth of a man named Julius. Why is that important? It set in motion the events that would lead to the events recorded in…

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