Everyday I will proclaim your Truth- Spiritual Warfare

Every day I will bless You
Your greatness is unsearchable
I will declare your mighty acts
I meditate on your splendor
The Lord upholds all who fall
and raises up those who bowed down
My eyes look expectantly for you
I wait on the Lord

I will be vigilant and watchful
For I know my enemy seeks to kill, steal and destroy
I will man the fort
Watch the road
Strengthen the flanks
My shield is lifted up
I am strong in the Lord
Never wavering, never doubting
The Lord is my strong tower

My Sword flashes the power of Your might
You protect me on every side
Set a ring of fire around me on every side as you did
for your people
Crush and destroy my enemies
Is not your word like a hammer
to crush evil to pieces and into fine dust ?
You have chosen me and I bless Your name forever!

Speak His truths out loud, it shall be a sword for you that crushes your enemies and fights in the heavens for you. 

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4 thoughts on “Everyday I will proclaim your Truth- Spiritual Warfare

    1. walkingalongancientpaths

      Hi Catherine!
      It’s so important to use the Sword God has given us. Speak God’s
      Powerful Word every day. God loves you! God bless and Happy New Year!

  1. I’m not sure what scripture this is, and although I prefer the King James Version, I always appreciate hearing what God has to say. However, I think often people don’t listen closely enough to what He’s saying to really get the picture. Whoever is speaking these things puts a qualification at the end of it – that he is God’s chosen. The things written in the scripture are therefore for God’s chosen, not every believer there is. People forget that they must develop in God in order to be worthy and able to partake of all that He has for them. He doesn’t just spew forth blessings on everyone simply because they confess Him with their mouths, like Jesus said, they must take up their own cross and follow Him, not loving father, mother, sister, brother, etc., more than Him, or else they are not worthy of Him. Too many just slurp up scripture as if God owes them everything because they said ‘Yes’, but He requires our obedience and devotion if we want to partake of His best. Take I Cor. 11: 27-32, for instance, how often do people stop and realize that many are sick and die amongst God’s people because they have not discerned their own sins and repented of them before taking Communion? Yet how many ‘claim’ Psalm 91 – saying that no evil will befall them nor any plague come near their dwelling? If we can be chastened and/or judged for the state we’re in when taking Communion, then we haven’t yet reached the stage where ‘no evil can befall us, nor any plague come near our house’. It’s good to pay attention to the qualifications that God puts in His word.

    1. walkingalongancientpaths

      these words are from new king james version maybe a few from memorized scripture in another version
      It’s many put together as my sword to speak out
      Better to speak Gods word than mans word and if people are in sin or aren’t yet saved, all scripture has the power to move them to do so
      It’s our mirror
      Encourage others
      I don’t limit my bible reading to nkvj
      I also read kjv, nlt and others

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