Yea, though I walk through the valley and shadow of death, I will fear NO evil

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 He is with you in your darkest times
So fear no evil
He comforts you
He will give you rest
He will bring you to a place of quietness and calmness
Needing nothing but Him
He restores your soul
Set your feet on the right path
Yes, He will bring you by a way you don’t know and a
Path you have not known

Wait on the Lord
He will strengthen you
Yes, wait on the Lord
Be of good courage 
He shall strengthen your heart

PS 23,18:36,27:14,2 Sam 22:37. Is 42:16


I’m studying through the Psalms of Korah and I’m perplexed by their very last Psalm 88. It’s a psalm of gloom and sadness, the author is full of hopelessness without any word of hope. This psalm is unlike the other psalms of Korah  which have hope and praise even in the dark moments.

It reminds me of the Korahs end in Numbers 16 when the earth opened up on them for their rebellion. Both times, Korah’s end is …well….similar.

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